City of San Antonio Chooses Big Sun Solar for 13.1MW Solar Project

Big Sun Solar will develop and manage the cities 13.1 megawatt distributed solar program – the largest onsite solar program for a municipality in Texas and the 2nd largest in the US.

San Antonio

About this Project

Big Sun Solar is providing EPC and asset management services for rooftop and canopy solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at 42 city facilities spanning all city districts. This solar program is helping San Antonio progress toward its 2040 goal of zero net energy for all municipal buildings.

Energy Cost and Savings

The projected 18,401,842 kWh generated annually from the 42 sites once built will offset an estimated 13% of the City’s electricity consumption from its buildings, according to 2022 data. This is expected to result in cumulative net financial savings between $7-11 million over 25 years.

Shade and Weather Protection

23 of the installations will be shade canopies that will power on-site municipal operations and provide sun and hail protection to people and vehicles. Solar canopies reduce the temperature by at least 40 degrees and reduce the heat island effect prevalent in urban areas.

Local Job Growth

Big Sun Solar estimates this will create more than 15 full-time jobs. The company’s collaboration with the St. Phillip’s College Solar Apprenticeship Program (part of the Alamo Area District of Community Colleges) will train students in solar energy.

Inflation Reduction Act

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act increased the solar tax credit to 30% and for the first time includes a direct pay option for nonprofits and municipalities. This solar project will be funded with the help of federal incentives like direct pay and other local and state funding. 

“Cities need to be leaders in addressing climate change. San Antonio is proud to strategically use its own facilities reduce the impact of our municipal operations and set an example for how other local governments can deploy clean energy and reduce emissions. This innovative solar project also puts state and federal incentives to work for San Antonio and displays the diverse benefits of onsite solar, such as green jobs, urban heat island mitigation, and community resilience.”

Doug Melnick
City Of San Antonio Chief Sustainability Office