Manufacturers are Saving Big with Solar

Opportunities for Manufacturing Companies

When you work with Big Sun, you are positioning your business to be a leader by transitioning to solar energy. Here’s why leading brands choose Big Sun.

Lower Operational Costs

Protect your manufacturing facility from rising energy costs by lowering your utility bill with solar energy

    Meet Corporate ESG Goals

    Converting to solar energy at your facility can help your company meet ESG goals.

    Inflation Reduction Act

    Receive a 30-60% Federal Tax Credit for installing solar at your facility.

    Learn more about how your manufacturing company can convert to solar

    5 steps to go solar

    Opportunities for Manufacturers

    Manufacturing facilities are increasingly transitioning to solar energy to meet corporate sustainability goals and lower operational costs. Big Sun has helped companies like Vitesco Technologies and Safran Helicopter Engines transition to solar energy.

    Lower Operational Costs

    With the increase in energy costs and rising temperatures, electric bills for manufacturing facilities continue to increase. Solar energy can help reduce these costs.

    Meet Corporate ESG Goals

    Companies are increasingly setting carbon reduction goals and facilities managers are seeking ways to help their company meet these goals.

    Inflation Reduction Act

    The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act increased the solar tax credit to 30% and introduced additional 10% incentives. With these federal incentives, transitioning to solar energy has an impressive ROI.

    We started our search for solar energy because we needed to comply with our objectives to reduce our carbon footprint. We looked locally because we wanted to source materials from the USA and decided to go with Big Sun. They have been a great partner for us throughout the process to get started and throughout the development of the project.

    Nicholas Correll
    Manager, HSE & Site Security-Safran Helicopter Engines

    Manufacturing Expertise

    Our engineering team works with your team to build a design customized to your business goals so you can receive the best possible outcome of your investment.

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    What Our Clients Say

    We're consistently rated 5 stars by our customers with an 88 NPS score. One of the highest NPS ratings in the industry.

    "This will be the largest local government on-site solar project in Texas and the second-largest in the nation. The City of San Antonio is setting a new standard in Texas of what is possible to reduce carbon emissions, adapt to climate change, and ensure San Antonio remains a healthy, vibrant City for generations to come."

    Erik Walsh
    City Manager
    City of San Antonio

    "Our preschool is the first campus to have LEED platinum certification in the United States and only second in the planet. Big Sun Solar was really involved, integrated and invested in this project and can be proud of what we were able to accomplish here with us."

    Tim Morrow
    President & CEO
    San Antonio Zoo

    "We at Ancira are excited to bring solar carports to our dealership because not only will it bring long term savings for our business, but we’re able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide shade to our customers, and it makes us feel like we’re being good stewards of our community."

    April Ancira
    Vice President
    Ancira Auto Group

    "We get the real benefit on our insurance premium for our inventory so that was the biggest financial driver on top of tax credits plus accelerated depreciation. I would tell my fellow dealers to contact Big Sun Solar to look at the opportunity and have them crunch the numbers."

    Bobby Cavender
    Cavender Auto Group

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