Our Story


As Texans, we know how to build a renewable future

We share a passion to build a more renewable future for the next generation of Texans. As fathers ourselves, we understand that our actions today will impact the environment tomorrow. Solar energy has allowed us an opportunity to build a high growth local business, create meaningful jobs, bring the benefits of renewable energy to our business community and be leaders in environmental stewardship.

With previous backgrounds in both solar energy and technology, we recognized a fundamental problem in the industry. How can we build a renewable energy business if solar energy remains unintuitive? We wanted to create mass adoption of solar. To do that, we needed to build innovative business models and a much more approachable customer experience.

We founded Big Sun Solar in 2015 to drive the mass adoption of solar by making it affordable, accessible and understandable to all. We’re fulfilling our mission by building a team that shares our same passion for building a renewable future and has deep experience in solar energy, technology and engineering. With roots in Texas, we’re proud to fulfill this passion right here in San Antonio.