Your Guide to Solar

We have broken down the process for your business to go solar from the educational process to the final commissioning. We are here for you every step of the way. 

Discover the Business Potential of Solar Energy
Education is a core component of our solar process. We provide as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision.
Goals of the first step include:
  • Discover what you're looking for and what your business goals are.
  • Conduct a custom financial analysis based on your goals and the business data we receive.
  • Design a preliminary layout to ensure your Big Sun solar system meets all of your criteria.

"We get the real benefit on our insurance premium for our inventory so that was the biggest financial driver on top of tax credits plus accelerated depreciation. I would tell my fellow dealers to contact Big Sun Solar to look at the opportunity and have them crunch the numbers."

Bobby Cavender headshot

Bobby Cavender

President, Cavender Auto Group

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Custom Solar Design
We deliver a custom solar design that will maximize your returns.

Our in-house team of engineers and NABCEP certified designers look at your business goals first before designing a system to ensure they’re maximizing your returns. This is a completely turnkey installation process.

Goals of the second step include:
  • Deliver a custom solar design that will maximize your returns.
  • Once we have design approval, we start the process for permitting.
  • Procure equipment and process all rebate applications.
Seamless Solar Installation

We understand our customers are running active businesses so when we develop our construction schedule, our goal is always to start and complete the solar installation project with minimal disruption and with the highest quality of care and safety.

The third step includes:
  • Provide a detailed schedule to the business with start dates and completion dates.
  • Conduct a kickoff meeting on site to go over safety guidelines and the installation process.
  • Make sure we leave the construction site cleaner than when we arrived.

"The construction phase went smoother than we thought. It was only disruptive to our parking for about 3 weeks. When you look at the numbers and how much we'll save on our taxes alone it was literally a no brainer. "

Louis Barrios headshot

Louis Barrios

President/CEO, Los Barrios Enterprises

Inspection & Review
We treat every solar installation project uniquely and with the highest level of quality and care

All of our Solar PV systems are built to exceed local and national standards so when we move on to inspection, you can have confidence.

Environmental compliance inspection
The fourth step includes:
  • Coordinate all city and utility inspections.
  • Energize your Solar PV system!
  • Ensure optimized performance of your system.
Ongoing Monitoring and  Support
We’re a leader in customer service for Texas businesses. We provide customer support post solar installation with monitoring and ongoing customer support.
big sun team parking lot solar canopy
The fifth step includes:
  • Set up monitoring from our solar control center and ensure your solar system is performing as projected.
  • Coordinate with you any warranty issues.
  • Coupled with our operation and maintenance plan, rest assured that your system will perform for many years to come.