Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch adds Solar Energy to their Conservation Efforts

Natural Wildlife Ranch

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is an African Safari, Texas-Style. View and feed more than 700 animals representing over 45 species from all over the world in the comfort of your own car. Since 1984, 450 acres of rolling hills, creek beds, and magnificent oak trees that make up the safari drive-thru in the scenic Texas Hill Country has been open to the public.

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Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch participates in various conservation programs and over half the species at the ranch have some level of endangerment. Given their conservation efforts, adding solar energy to their property fit their mission. With power costs rising, they felt solar energy was a good strategy for them as well. They had seen a lot of different solar projects around San Antonio and made the connection they were projects done by Big Sun Solar. Once they did decide to go solar, they wanted to do solar carports to provide that amenity to their customers especially during their busiest season in the summer when it’s the hottest in Texas.


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Once we got past the design phase, comes the construction. We were nervous about the timing of construction but Big Sun Solar was amazing. Every day, the progress and how fast the structure went up was unbelievable. They were very timely and everything done just in time for spring break.

Tiffany Soechting

Natural Wildlife Ranch