PVA invests in solar carports at their downtown San Antonio location as an added amenity for their patients

Peripheral Vascular Associates

Founded in 1975, in San Antonio, Texas, Peripheral Vascular Associates (PVA) is one of the largest single specialty vascular surgery groups in the United States with 9 locations in San Antonio.

Project Type

Solar Carports

About the Project

PVA invested in solar carports at their downtown San Antonio location not only to reduce their energy bills but the carports provide an added amenity to their employees and patients.


Annual Energy Production


System Size


of CO2 Reduced


Savings per year

The solar panels have exceeded the projected performance. That efficiency has been amazing and the reductions in our expenses are obvious. The payoff of that initial expense is going to be faster than predicted on the original estimates. In addition to what the solar carports provide from an environmental standpoint, from a financial standpoint it’s a no brainer.

Grady Alsabrook, M.D.

Vascular Surgeon
Peripheral Vascular Associates